Reducing Post-harvest loss one community at a time.

Agriteer is building an agricultural services ecosystem for farmers to add value to their crops and reduce post-harvest loss one community at a time.

Almost a quarter of the total food production in Nigeria is wasted due to post harvest losses. In financial terms, this accounts for a loss of about 9 billion US dollars in revenue.

This loss of revenue greatly and directly impacts the livelihood of small holder farmers who contribute about 80 percent of the agricultural production in Nigeria, largely contributing to food insecurity.

Addressing this problem will require cooperation and partnership among all stakeholders in the industry. A deep understanding of the varying factors from the point of harvest and the prevalent stages that these losses occur, is the key to providing a long lasting solution.

At Agriteer, we believe that optimizing post harvest processes by improving storage, logistics, information sharing and collaboration among all stakeholders is an important step to curb losses.

Our Services

We are developing communities of small holder farmers and an agricultural services ecosystem, one town at a time.


Right from your harvest, we bring the best hands, knowledge and expertise to preserve your crops, prevent squashing and rapid decay. we provide the best handling and logistics that your crop requires to prolong its shelf life and arrive safely at the designated destination.


Adding value to produce by providing processing facilities for farmers enable farmers to earn more from their produce. We provide access to processing facilities, giving farmers the opportunity to add value to their crops.

Storage and Preservation

Many small holder farmers lose their crops to rot because they cannot access the necessary storage facility to preserve their crops. We are giving the farmer an opportunity to preserve their produce until they are ready to ship to the market.

Marketing and Linkage

We work with farmers to ensure that they have ready markets for their produce before harvest thereby reducing the wait period of the produce, after harvest.